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I would be greatly interested in offering a extensive analysis, explanation, and history of the dreaded "alpha strike" in STO. Purely from the tac-bop perspective, learn how the game has evolved and seasonal additions have brought new dynamics and the return of old trouble spots for the bird of prey alpha striker. Like a course culminating in total comprehension of all aspects of a curriculum; a student could come away with a deep understanding of the games mechanics, how they have changed, and what remains viable today in the age of Marion enhanced hyper spike moment.

--The requirements would be a tactical bird of prey, of any type. Gear and bridge officers necessary for various "spike solutions" can be attained on the fly.

I think a short list of highlights would include:

1. Buff stacking and sequencing. (getting the most for your clicky)
2. Buff reading and expected buff activation sequence for various target types (bugs wont have rsp3, but a cruiser might)
3. Egress without trying-or healing. (i lived at 1%)
4. Live runs vs tanks/squish deeps.
5. historical context (now imagine if psw alone did 100k!.. good times)

p.s be great to have some extra tough tankers for this, to be the meat bags.

anyhoo no worries if no one is interestedi n this