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04-04-2013, 02:00 PM
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Geez mini I thought we was bro's? No secret no cheat just click the link on my signature for the dps cruiser. Like mini said spike is instant this takes 2-3 secs...But that's all I need to pop bops like you mini.
Double up on the Aux2Batt. You'll be able to:

-Run only 2 purple tech doffs, dropping 1 tech and 2 conn for a total of 3 freed up slots (Marion is nice, and blue battery doffs are cheap now and will bring Aux batts up in about 1 minute).

-Run only 1 EPTS, with the other EPTx also at 100% uptime.

-Get dramatically better uptime for DEM, RSP, and APO.

You must be willing to be a slave to your rotation, and you will need keybinds for it, but it's worth it.