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04-04-2013, 02:07 PM
And you realy think that you learn how to do elite in normal?
When did you do the last normal sft.

And Accolades are for a Char, not an Account.
So, you build up a new Toon, you know how to do elite, you have the gear for elite and you want to rank up in Omega fast - but you have to do 25 normals? Yeha, great idea.

And you want to force the players to play normal ground and space sfts in a random group that is realy not making the opt because all players that know how it works are in elite.
You want them to reach opt 25 times even if the opt in elite is reached maybe in 50% off all games with a random group (and even that is high).
And you want to force them to do ground. Realy, I did all ground SFTs maybe one or 2 times on normal and never on elite. Why? Because I preffer spacefights in this game.

But for every new toon (or even on my account) 25 of each normal WITH opt to open elite? What a great idea.

You know what? I'm ok when the opt on elite is not working. Sometimes it is because one litte mistake, sometimes because the build is not finished, sometimes the gear is not XII purple and sometimes you miss simply dmg. And the last thing can even happen with the best elite players around. You just need to throw a buch of tankcruisers and scihealers together. No one will die (exept to invisible instandgib) but I don't think they would make it in time.

What we would need is a SP SFT as a part of the storyline with scripted fights where you run the sft with scripted NPCs against scripted NPCs. Why scripted? Because that would be the only way to show you all the roles you can have. And if you que up the first time for any sft, you will run the SP-Version (with the possibility to run it again if you want). Or as an Mission from the woman from omega (you allready get called from her, so why not).

If you want to reach opt every time. Ask your fleetmates, friends or in one of the Elitechannels to form up a team.

But I am for one thing. Kickvote.
Maybe not for bad players. But for a good reason all have to send to a gm (so kicking someone just because he is new and not that good won't be ok).
This way we could get rid of players that "lag" (according to them...) or looters and lottbotters. Someone is not moving for the whole sft? Kickvote short before we win . Or near the start to get an other player from the cue.

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