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Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
Originally Posted by naevius View Post
I'd vote to combine:
Fed + KDF (+Rom) Shipyards
Boff and character powers (i.e. all powers)
PvE Gameplay + Missions&Episodes
STO Discussion + General Feedback
I was also thinking this....
I like this, too. Essentially you get:

Space Builds
Powers (where a lot of PvP talk would be)
Missions (where most PvE talk would be)
General (Feedback, Discussion, and Academy should be inclusive here, basically a catchall for whatever doesn't fit in above)

But to consider...
I would add Ground Builds for discussing play tactics, away team composition, equipment, etc.

What about the existing C-Store/Promotion forums? C-Store I suppose would fall under Ships/Powers... Or else General (where Promo talk could be) and/or News.

You'd mentioned DOffing and Reputations... I should think if it's about related abilities it would be Powers, if assignments or marks then Missions, etc. Or just make a DOffing/Rep forum.

Where do you put Art discussion? Ship design, costumes, sets, etc?

You still need Off-Topic (aka Ten Forward), Foundry, and Test (Tribble/Red Shirt), of course.

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