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My Idea would be for this:

Information and Discussion Changes:

News Network (Renamed to allow for a more neutral setting and not to make players think that only Federation information gets shared here)

C-store and Promotions (This would also be a place where feedback could be given on such things and where they are advertised)

No other changes need to be made.

Feedback Section Changes:

General Feedback

Federation Gameplay

Klingon Gameplay

Romulan Gameplay (This would be feed back related to Romulan Specific content)

-Subtopics: PVE (Could then add more subtopics for Federation, Romulan, Klingon), PVP (Could then add more subtopics for Federation, Romulan, Klingon) (This would allow for discussions of just builds in both PVE And PVP being separated into their own topics)
You could still discuss general builds and information, but going to the Subtopics would allow for more Specialized information. Such as if a player only wants to discuss Romulan PVP Ship builds.

Character Builds and powers: (The Bridge officers and Powers Feedback could be Merged into the general part of this section) This would be where Ground based information would be discussed
- Subtopics: PVE, PVP

Duty Officers

PVE Game play
-Subtopic: Missions and Episodes

PVP Game Play
-Subtopics: Space (Arena, Cap and Hold), Ground (Arena, Assault), PVP Bootcamp

Controls and User Interface

The Art of Star Trek Online

After that there really are no other changes to the sections under the Art part.
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