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Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
So, let's get started! Feel free to make descriptive suggestions or post something like this:
My first suggestion is that I think the General Community Feedback sub forum and the Star Trek Online Discussion forum should be merged. They essentially serve almost the exact same purpose.

I also feel like there's too many sub forums. Yet one thing I'd like to see return is the separate ship classification forums. I know. I'm contradicting myself. It's just I found the advice given back when it was a Cruiser, Escort, Science vessel separation to be a lot more focused. I am in favor of consolidating the mess as the index page is HUGE. But in the case of individual ship classes, I found you got better info about builds, choices, ships, etc when it was separated. To oversimplify it, when folks wanted advice on how to kit out and set up their Excelsior, back in those days they didn't get sidetracked with all that added info about how they should fly Escort X, Y or Z because those who give good Escort advice were mostly answering questions in the Escort sub forum.

So yeah, my advice contains contradictions. Sorry.

Also, I mean I understand that technically there is a difference between the Federation Gameplay Forum and the PVE Gameplay Forum. But, I mean, the separation of the PVE and PVP forums really only seems to exist for the purpose of the PVP forum. PVE issues get discussed widely in the general, discussion, Fed Gameplay, KDF Gameplay and Missions and Episodes Forums. I'd say trimming the PVE Gameplay Forum and moving those threads to one of the above forums would not really change the discussion dynamic at all. Just keep the PVP Forum for the specific PVP issues.

Should the shipyards sub-forum (builds, feedback, not art, etc.) still be separated by faction?
I say yes. I understand and support the desire to consolidate forums. But for ship builds, that's one of the few things I feel separation makes the flow of information go much smoother. And why I suggested further separation. I think having that added separation helps people get expert advice quicker. If I want to know what console to use on a Vesta, or what hangar pet to use on a Vo'Quv, I want a quick, in depth, educated answer from someone who flies that ship already. Merging it all into one lump forum would muddy that quest for clarity. In my opinion.

Are there any forums that you think should be combined?
Is STO discussion and General Community Feedback too similar or should we keep them separated?
Aw geeze, I should have read further before replying. Yes! AND MERGE!

Once we all come to, or at least try to, a consensus, the changes will be made.
Good luck.

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