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04-04-2013, 03:34 PM
Personally I prefer story to action. I would much rather have a "wordy" mission with an interesting story then one with lots of combat but lacking in story. If I want lots of combat I'll play a grinder mission. I disagree with remairtamec a little bit. After playing your mission my opinion was that it had too much combat and not enough story. Also I disagree with the idea of never having BOFF's emote, keep the emoting minimal but if story-wise you are "doomed" then having them sad/fearful is appropriate likewise when the day is saved having them happy is fine too. Just don't have them always happy/sad/etc., especially if they're providing the player with information. Sure it may be a little odd for players who have vulcan BOFF's but that's why you keep it minimal. Whatever you do don't create a back story for the player or BOFF's. This isn't something you did but I once played a foundry mission that included a romantic relationship between my captain and a (non-BOFF) medical officer on my ship that supposedly had been going on for at least a couple weeks. That was *really* jarring to me. Most of the rest of the other stuff remairtamec mentioned I either agreed with or didn't notice. I suspect however that my opinion on what makes a fun mission isn't standard. Especially given the fact that my only mission which I advertise as "story driven, narrative heavy" currently has zero feedback, I suspect most people are interested in action rather then story.

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