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04-04-2013, 02:36 PM
My opinions...

1. I like Galactic News Network.

2. I agree the Academy needs rework. I suggest making it a Major Section with two subforums: "Gameplay Questions" and "Player Guides & Tips".

Gameplay Questions could include any FAQ's as stickies. In Player Guides & Tips, Guides can be nominated for stickies. I would also recommend expiring stickies on Guides that are over a year old without updates.

3. I know you'd like to discourage non-STO-related commentary, but it still happens anyway. I suggest renaming "Star Trek Online Discussion" to "Star Trek Community Discussion".

4. Split "Information" and "Discussion" into two sections. Leave the "Informational" subforums at the top, put the "Feedback" subforums next, then follow those with the "Discussion" subforums.

5. Rename "General Community Feedback" to "Star Trek Online General Feedback"

6. Keep "Federation Gameplay" and "Klingon Gameplay" sub-forums and add a "Romulan Gameplay" feedback thread.

7. I agree, the Shipyard Feedback subforums can be consolidated.

8. Rename "Character Build and Powers" to "Character Traits, Skills, and Powers"

9. Move the PvE and PvP Gameplay subforums up with the other Gameplay subforums.

10. Keep everything else as is.

This would change the hierarchy to look something like this:

. Galactic News Network
. Release Notes
. Dev Tracker
- Academy
. . Gameplay Questions & FAQs
. . Player Guides & Tips
. Star Trek Online General Feedback
. Federation Gameplay
. Klingon Gameplay
. Romulan Gameplay
. PvE Gameplay
. PvP Gameplay
. Shipyards
. Character Traits, Skills, and Powers
. Bridge Officers and BOFF Powers
. Duty Officer System
. Missions and Episodes
. Controls and User Interface
. The Art of Star Trek Online
. C-Store and Promotions
. Star Trek Community Discussion
. Ten Forward
(No changes)
(No changes)
(No changes)
Test Servers
(No changes)
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