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We will be bringing the Tribble server down for maintenance to apply a new update.

  • Players using Windows XP should no longer experience any problems interacting with the UI.
    • If a player has applied the previous workaround, it's safe to remove it.
  • Updated the way keyboard and mouse input is captured so that mouse buttons 4+ should work properly once again.
  • Klingon characters can once again warp out of Qo'noS.
    • The transporter operator in the shipyard has been executed for incompetence.
  • Drozana has been updated.

  • All freighter summon devices are no longer sellable.
    • They can only be Discarded.
  • The EPS Manifold Efficiency trait has been updated.
    • It no longer triggers multiple times on dual batteries and on the Red Matter Capacitor.
    • It now provides 20 power to each system not provided by the triggering battery, up from 10.
  • Environmental Suits now provide the wearer with immunity to Anesthizene Gas while they are active.
  • Added Transwarp to Tau Dewa Sector Block as reward from completing New Romulus Reputation Tier 1.

  • Updated the tooltip for the voice chat Talk button.
  • The tailor in game has now been updated!
    • It now uses the new character creator appearance editor.
    • The tailor will now display the Captain outfits in a separate tab from Bridge Officer outfits.
    • The tailor supports displaying outfits in the list as previews instead of just a flat list.
  • Right-click functionality for team powers now works properly when the powers have been dragged to the powers tray.
  • Resists are no longer displaying negative values in the Status window.
  • The traits window now shows activatable traits.

Known Issues:
  • Traits are not being displayed in the Status window.