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04-04-2013, 02:51 PM
I found this interesting quote from the January ask Cryptic in another thread.
Q: (flash525) What is the Cryptic's policy where other designs from other games are concerned? The DS9: Dominion Wars game has the Federation Achilles, Klingon K'vorcha and a couple of Cardassian designs, the ST: Armada game has the Romulan Griffin and Shrike, along with a bunch of other Cardassian and Klingon designs. I'm sure there are other Trek games out there with further designs. Are we ever likely to see any of these within STO?

Dstahl: Good question. Our license with CBS is restricted to the TV Shows, the movies (up to Nemesis), the Animated Series, and some of the book fiction. Unfortunately, this license doesn?t extend to other video games. However, if those ships or factions appeared in any of the previously mentioned properties, then it is fair game.
So the license for STO DOES include TAS. I would guess that this does apply to the Foundry.

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