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Originally Posted by bluegeek View Post
. Galactic News Network
. Release Notes
. Dev Tracker
- Academy
. . Gameplay Questions & FAQs
. . Player Guides & Tips
. Star Trek Online General Feedback
. Federation Gameplay
. Klingon Gameplay
. Romulan Gameplay
. PvE Gameplay
. PvP Gameplay
. Shipyards
. Character Traits, Skills, and Powers
. Bridge Officers and BOFF Powers
. Duty Officer System
. Missions and Episodes
. Controls and User Interface
. The Art of Star Trek Online
. C-Store and Promotions
. Star Trek Community Discussion
. Ten Forward
(No changes)
(No changes)
(No changes)
Test Servers
(No changes)
I think I should explain my rationale for why I'd like to see things re-arranged this way.

The Information sub-forums obviously being the first place people need to look for important information, they need to be at the top. Closely followed by the Academy sub-forums so that players with questions can get the help they need.

By separating general questions from player guides, we should be able to avoid the long list of stickies and people can find the guides more easily. The best of the guides can be stickied in that sub-forum.

By placing the Feedback sub-forums before the Discussion sub-forums, threads can be better channeled into the right categories. And if people get a bit lazy and just post in "Star Trek Online General Feedback" that's okay... The mods can easily monitor that and move threads where they need to go.

Likewise, most posters will tend to choose one of the "Gameplay" feedback sub-forums to post in so it makes sense that those should come first. The rest of the feedback sub-forums are more targeted.
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