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04-04-2013, 03:09 PM
I would fly this ship -- it is an excellent design.

What astounds me though are the Fed trolls that take it upon themselves to insult the Klingon playerbase with their conceited comments regarding Klingon science expertise.

Time for a history lesson...and a bit of enlightened questioning.

1. Name one major scientific advance that has been made that does not have a military application.

2. Name the periods of time in our history where scientific advancement was the most rapid, i.e., "bursts" or rapid scientific advancement.

3. Name one scientific advance that was made solely for science -- that was NOT done in order to gain a clear advantage, or was not made to address a state of conflict.

Now for the history lesson...

1. The ushering in of the atomic result of World War 2.
2. The armored land result of World War 1.
3. The jet result of advances in military fighter design.
4. Radar, Sonar, and other types of electronic intelligence collection result of World War 2.
5. The Space Program...has its roots in the missile technology developed during - you guessed it - World War 2.
6. Submarine, Aircraft Carriers, Aegis...all military advances.
7. Lasers -- started with military research (which continues to this day)
8. Robotics -- spearheaded by unmanned military vehicles of various sorts.

So...let's apply a bit of logic, shall we?

Who is more likely to have a robust scientific program, the Federation, who strives for peace...or the Klingons, who are in a CONSTANT state of conflict/war? I will give a well-deserved nod to the Feds for exploration...but when it comes to military science and technology...guess who I think has the edge...