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04-04-2013, 04:36 PM
Yes its must be about replacing GDFing lol

Ya know we can't win when we talk about this game.

We try to create options that don't involve hey go nerf this skill. (lets be honest EPTS doesn't work like the others for some reason)

For that people get upset.

The dmg boost from eptw is no where even remotely close to the boost from the current go down... and even in combo with the new version it still won't be remotely close.

The 5s it does now is all the BOPs need to do what we do know... I don't care about seconds 6-30. You'll be dead already. lol

The request for a buff to EPTW has to do with YOU... so you can buff your weapons and perhaps kill a bop when they are trying to escape after you foil us with a tac team. Instead of just wave at us as we recloak 3k off your bow.

Oh and BTW... I am not hearing impaired however, I would rather be listening to hard metal music while I'm hunting whales, so where even there.
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