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04-04-2013, 06:27 PM
This is to be sent as an in-game fleet mail. I will send it when I get home unless one of you with author rights feels like copy/pasting this.


It is a grave disappointment that I must announce that a very active Federation Fleet, Caspian Division, has been lost. One of their leaders got hacked. His account was used to remove all members then he himself was removed.

I want to take this moment to explain why the Ferasan Shadow Force is run as it is. When we formed this fleet, security and longevity of the fleet was foremost on our minds. That is why we are very particular of who we promote to Elite and why we will almost never promote to Master.

A single disgruntled Master could completely undo everything we have worked hard to accomplish. Each of the Masters of this fleet is a person who has basically sworn to leave the fleet rather than bring harm to it. Losing the Ferasan Shadow Force would be tantamount to losing an arm to us.

That is why we will not be promoting anyone to Master without us knowing specifically what type of person they are. Understand this fleet is less than a year old. Most of us Masters have known each other in-game for the entirety of STO before this fleet was formed. The Masters know each other in-game and many of us know each other out of the game.

So while it may seem like we are an oligarchy, it is because we are. As an Elite member of the fleet you have almost all rights within the fleet, with the exception of destroying it. And that is by design. We want this fleet to last and the fewer people with access to the delete button the better.

As for Catphone, I am the creator/owner. There can only be one owner as the game is designed. I have designated a few people as ?Admin? (mainly Masters and certain Elite players) but I will be demoting all of the "Operators" back to "User". This is not a reflection on your part at all and most of you will see no difference. I just realized the chat system isn't customizable like the fleet system.

Within the chat system, there are User, Operator, Admin, and Owner. The ability to mute other players and the channel comes in at the "Operator" level while the "Admin" level provides insignificant extra rights. So if you are an Admin already, you will stay as an Admin. All others will be demoted back to User.

Again, 99% of you will realize no difference.

I appreciate all of the hard work you cats have done and we really want to ensure that hard work is never lost. We may seem stringent for such a small fleet, but it protects us.

It is a pleasure to play with you cats.
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