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04-04-2013, 05:42 PM
Dude, i am listening Radio too and played with this buggy-Driver left 4 Dead, Skype, TS3, Streamings, Downloads over Weeks without Problems, just STO D/C me.

Today i found a Article about the buggy WLAN OPTIONAL UPDATE, looked at my Recend Updates, rollback and now NO D/C. The WLANDRIVER from Windows Update, dated at 02/26/2013 unstable. STO is too sensible for this, other Services aka Netradio, Skype and so on, not.

Give me a try and look at your PC for this Update.

Read here for more Info:

Expessially First Answer, Step 1.

Ignore the ASUS-Thing inside. Its a RaLink-Problemfor any Hardware with manufactured Chips from RaLink.

Give me a Chance and take a Look.