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"Captain's Log, stardate...oh hell let's just start from the beginning..."

"I can't believe it, finally some shore leave!" Barclay exclaimed.
"Please try to contain yourself for the next 3 hours Commander Barclay" Foley said with a calm excitement

Admiral Ryan Foley, although he prefers the title of captain, and the crew of the Enceladus have been operating non-stop combat runs for about 8 months straight. They had been granted a 4 day shore leave on the planet of Risa on their way back to ESD to be debriefed.


The senior staff is currently having dinner in the captain's quarters:

"I don't quite see the logic in spending the day laying on the beach doing nothing." Foley's first officer V'lar blurts out.

"Well clearly, it's illogical to not relax!" the CSO, Amanda Barclay (Yes, daughter of Reg) replies.

"I think that--" In mid sentence, Foley is interrupted by a Red Alert.

"Report" Foley says as he exits the turbo lift stepping onto the bridge.

"Sir, we received a distress call from a research station in the Bomari system. The Dark Angel is en route but over a day away. I was unaware we had one there..." Lt. Commander Korva says to Foley, inquiring at the same time.

"Plot a course, maximum warp. Looks like Risa will have to wait." Foley orders.

42 minutes later...

"We are coming in now sir....what the...?" Korva says.

Every console has the Greek Letter Omega displayed. Foley walks over and types in a code on his captain's chair console. The displays return to normal.
"Everyone here will ignore what they saw. Status of the station?" Foley quickly says.
"Sir, it appears that somehow a group of Orions secured the station. They are making their way to the operations center. Once there, they will control the station." V'lar reads from the console.
"V'lar, you have the bridge, contact Starfleet Command, tell them exactly this, Omega Directive, our position, standing by. That's all. Korva, Migati, Nerrak, and Twelve, meet me in transporter room 1."

The transporter room always felt cold to Foley, but he shrugs it off and simply says, "energize"


The tingle of the transporter wears off as they beam into a dark and damp hallway. Clear signs of weapons fire and a dead security officer lays on the ground.

"This way" Foley says as they draw their weapons.
The lights flicker on and off as they proceed through corridors of pure silence say the sounds of vents releasing coolant.
All of a sudden disruptor fire starts.

"Go home Starfleet, or die like your puny friends" a deep male voice shouts.
Foley nods to Korva, his chief of security and a Klingon could not wait to engage the Orions, she opens fire, dropping one of the Orions before getting pinned down again.

"The Orions were waiting for us, they have us outnumbered four to one sir" Twelve shouts.
"Get ready to-" Foley is interrupted for the second time today

-The com on the station sounds-
~~"Orions on the station, this is Lt. Commander V'lar of the Federation Starship Enceladus. We have three starships surrounding the station. Please do the logical thing and surrender to the officers on the station. If you do not, I will have no choice but to destroy the station and you. You have 10 seconds to comply."

"There is no way Starfleet could get here that fast..." Foley says to himself.

The Orions talk to themselves for a second before dropping their weapons.
Foley and his team secure the prisoners before they are beamed to the brig on the Enceladus.

After beaming to the ship, Foley notices they are re-docking. He smiles and walks to the turbo lift.
A fleet of starships arrives and the Enceladus is relieved.

"You lied V'lar, not very Vulcan of you." Foley says with a smirk on his face.
V'lar looks and him and she simply says, "I did not lie sir, while in Multi-Vector Assault Mode, the Enceladus is numerically three separate ships."
"Technicalities V. But thank you for the rescue. I know you have only been my first officer for a month, but I made the right choice. You will be a fine captain some day." Foley says as he and V'lar walk out of his ready room to the bridge.

"Helm, Risa. Maximum warp, we only have three days left. Engage." Foley says as he sits in his chair.