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Originally Posted by fraghul2000 View Post
But wouldn't you benefit from it if you had slow progression on one (or more) commendations? Instead of waiting for weeks or months for the slow-growing commendations to reach 110k, you could turn them in after a shorter period.
Because its capped at 100,000 and THAT being the absolute minimum to were you are send when you lose CXP.

After the Rank 4 it doesnt matter how much CXP you gain because there is no rank 5, making the machine to eat from all categories would make the machine USELESS because its ALWAYS going to be 100,000 plus whatever it eats at the end.

No system makes you have LESS XP that your level requirement, when that did happen guess what? you dropped a level and they arent going to open that can of worms because someone apparently wants to have 120 Fleet Marks every 8 hours.
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