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04-04-2013, 06:38 PM
Ran a half dozen STFs with this.. my damage is down about 35% or more

Average beam damage went from nearly 1100 to 600s with BFaW

Normal beam drain will drop me to 85ish with EPtW running

If I fire BFaW with no buffs, it drops weaons to 0
If I fire with EPtW down to about 30
If I fire with EPtW and EPS about 45, before it'd stay over 110
with EPtW and Nadeon Inversion it still drops down into the 90s, as opposed to sticking very near 125 before.

It feels like it drains more with more targets around, but its hard to tell, and the recycles on NI and EPS make it hard to really tell objective in the middle of a fight. Anyway, its completely broken and destroys the entire point of beams in the game.

It was hard enough keeping agro with BFaW will all the distributed damage, now its just a joke because it distributes nearly no damage at all. Might as well make the ability recycle match the Nadeon Inversion, its the only time it can be used.

Nobody testing this is really a bad move
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