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# 1 Oh! Hey dere! Howshegoinbyes?
04-04-2013, 07:38 PM
I managed to snag some wifi time and decided to check in on the only game I like more than "Waking Mars".

I have admit that I was wrong. I said there'd just be an FE and here they go and drop a whole faction on us. Plus more KDF stuff?! Wow. Plus the addition of warpcores to the mix? New HUDs. New traits? New maps?! New missions?!

Seriously Cryptic. You done blown my expectations away, you did.

I'm not happy Leadership got nerfed since my Science ship is based around it, but I'll adapt. Or maybe delete him for a Romulan... I might not have to since well be getting a Romulan only slot I bet. But maybe for the nice costumes alone? Anything is better than the Stooge haircut and 80s sofa upholstery costumes.

TNG was great drama, but man, it sucked at costume design.
I'd hate to play a species beholden to fashion choices made before Friends was a TV show.

Anyway, I trust everyone is crazy happy with the changes and aren't producing any whine threads about a faction they haven't played yet. I'm afraid I haven't the time to go through the rest if the forums to see a of the mature, well reasoned responses to the expansion that hasn't fully happened yet.

May we see each other again on the Epohh fields sooner rather than later!

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