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04-04-2013, 08:34 PM
For guarding both sides of probes in KASE so my low DPS pug would still be able to get the optional, one guy was annoyed at not being able to just guard 1 side of probes on his own and do nothing else.

DCed in Azure rescue and promtly getting back in game in 1 min later, but an idiot was mad that he was left all alone to fight the Tholians guarding a bop even though I finished them all in seconds after reconecting. Really stupid since anyone should be able to solo the BOP guards.

This might be the stupidest one, I killed a Voquv with a decloaking alpha from a Fleet defiant and got a hate tell then ignore. Like you aren't supposed to kill people in pvp, lol.

I like to kill people AFKing/leeching at the spawn in pvp just to spite them, and got a hate tell and ignore from someone mad that they can't just sit at the spawn without getting killed and reported me for camping. Of course nothing happened.