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Originally Posted by admiralbrenan View Post
Okay im playing through badlands and as far as i can tell, while they havent changed the basis of the mission they have changed the text to suit the empire such as instead of release the prisoners its capture them and the dialog with tom riker is also adjusted for the empire in the same manner. He talks about how he knows that he will become a prisoner of the empire after the mission here is complete. So while the mission might be the same it wasnt just a simple copy paste. They were conscious and put some effort. I dont blame them for choosing the cardassian series first. It can very easily be told from both stand points with very little change and thats what they did. I think this was a smart move to get there feet on the ground running so klinks can actually level all the way
Did you play through the start of "Badlands" with a ship that has a cloaking device?