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04-05-2013, 04:39 AM
yesterday was fun.
joined an ise. there was a ody (simple ody no dps), a rainbow intrepid, an afker escort and a beamscort...
at the generators I started to work on one, but beamscort joined at 40% so I brought down another to around 10%, while the two others brought the 3rd one to 60% and left one alone. the problem was, that our beamscort friend couldnt realize the low dps, so blew early, and with the low dmg done overall (1500 dps was the highest of theirs...) we pretty much failed the optional as one grav well from me was not enough, while they went off fighting spheres...

when we brought the cube, it was all over me, so I decided to have fun, and pretty much took it down to 40% alone, while everyone else took the gate down to a similar level (yeah right...). when I finally died because I was peeking where them were. I died. went back to the 40% gate killed it, and then I just bugged out to start a new ise as I needed to get a nice parse (overall I pretty much did 8k dps, while tanking cube, doing everything, and only left them a 40% cube, so noone can really balme me for anything but spending 15 minutes in an ise, which is a crime in itself)
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