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04-05-2013, 06:09 AM
Any thoughts?
Bad idea.

For one tactics used in nSTFs are sure ways to fail in eSTFs, while using elite tactics in normal STFs either won't work or will prolong the encounter unnecessarily. In CSN for example you destroy one spacedock, then move on to the next and kill BoPs/Raptors/Neghvars on the drive-by. You do this in elite and you can be sure you'll fail the optional.

Second reason not to do this would be that you'd punish people who level alts. If I have a level 50 Tac captain with a couple of hundred successful eSTFs, I wouldn't want to force myself through 150 ineffective normal STFs before I can play elites. I want to hit 50, spend 250 million EC on endgame gear and hit elites right away. Public elite queues would also suffer badly.

The third reason against it would be that elite PUGs are far from the horror scenarios that some people on these forum turn them into. In the hundreds of STFs and eSTFs I've run so far, only a relatively small number failed the optional and I've only seen 2-3 fail completely, most of the fails having to do with afk-leechers rather than screw-ups. It's even gotten better in the past few months, as better ships and equipment enable people to correct mistakes the group makes more easily.