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Originally Posted by jheinig View Post
After you finish scanning the moons but before you fly back to moon Alpha, try cloaking and then flying over to confront the True Way ship(s).
If you guys are going to make cloaking a hook for alternative dialog/encounters, you might consider having a tactical Bridge Officer recommend cloaking -- at least for the first two or three missions where you do it.

Or if you want to avoid spoilers and they didn't cloak, have the same officer question why not after the fact.

"Captain, I suggest that next time we engage the cloaking device."

Up to this point, cloaking during missions hasn't mattered a great deal and it may not occur to anybody who hasn't read one of these little spoilers.

In short, you've already trained your players not to think about cloaking except right before a fight. If you're changing that paradigm, you ought to put in at least a little remedial education.
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