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# 82 Tales of JFC: "Opening Talks"
04-05-2013, 06:58 AM
Tales of JFC: "Opening Talks"

by Mike Tripp

JFC-MD: 1.1234
Scene: A Restaurant on New Romulus

<<last time>>

The Romulan admiral crossed her arms, eyes Hauk.

"And so what are you proposing, General?" she asked. "Tell me exactly how I or others from the Romulan republic factor into this alliance of yours? ... Or will we simply trade one boot heel for another?"

<<and now>>

"You would enter the Alliance as equals," Hauk stated simply. "And ... You would be protecting your people in the process."

"How can your people ... or any actually ... stand safe when there are so many REAL enemies out there?" he asked, continuing. "The Borg, the Undine, the True Way, the Tholians, the Tal Shiar ... and you know as well as I do that the Iconians may just be on the horizon. Tell me how will we survive these foes nipping at us from so many directions if we do not stand together?"

Aelis leaned back in her chair and cupped the mug containing her ale.

"What makes you think the powers will allow this Alliance of yours to continue operations," she asked, "shall we say ... uninterrupted?"

"Treaty," Hauk answered.

"Treaties can be broken," she returned quickly.

"Yes, but the fact that we are concentrated in and around the Cordra Expanse gives us a measure insulation and protection," Hauk returned.

"Admiral, isn't it true that yee Romulans have a few of your own colony worlds tucked away inside that Expanse?" Jarmon asked.

"We do," Aelis confirmed. "In fact, I was born on one of those worlds as was my daughter."

"Then you are definitely aware that those worlds were rather quick to sign the Cordra Accords designating the Expanse as neutral territory, paving a safe haven for our Alliance then?" asked Hauk.

"Yes," the Romulan responded, "and I'm not arguing that. ... What I want to know is what exactly will those forces who may or may not join you from our side get from this arrangement? How will we be treated? What status will we hold? .. Why should we even consider it?"

<<to be continued>>


--- Gen. Hauk
Joint Forces Commander
Alliance Central Command

--- Adm. Aelis S'tariennye lh'Rheu
Flag Officer, Romulan Republic Navy


Continuing the storyline!

A HUGE thank you to Cryptic for the Mogh-class battle cruiser!

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