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Originally Posted by knuhteb5 View Post
New Forum should ditch fleetyards/gameplay format for each of the factions. It should just be New Romulus, Federation, and KDF sections with the ability to put a banner qualifier on the subject line identifying it as ship or gameplay related. Reman and Romulans should have default special avatars that differentiate them from other forum users, as well as default special insignia's differentiating fed Rom/Rems from kling Rom/Rems.

Rest of the forum seems meh and it needs some fine tuning. It would be nice if the different main sections-information and discussion, feedback, foundry, support, fleet admin, and text-could contain drop down menus that contained each of the subsections.

Along these lines and much like subscribing to a thread, it would be cool if I had a custom forum page that featured only the subsections I wanted to follow instead of having to parse through each of the sub sections to get to one I want to visit.

Edit: Another suggestion: Move our signature from the bottom of our message to below our user name, join date, and number of posts. That way, the forum should look much cleaner b/c half the page isn't taken up by .jpg signatures.

The actual forum software isn't going to change at this time, per BranFlakes. That means no new features (yet).

This thread is about simply reorganizing the existing sub-forums into relevant topic areas that give players the ability to voice their opinions and give Devs the ability to sift through feedback looking for ideas and desirable changes.

Giving each faction their own section with their own set of sub-forums might be good for the players, but could make it more difficult for the Devs to collect information.

As I understand it, the Devs are not broken down into teams based on faction. In other words, the Klingons don't have their own programmer, system designer, and artists. So it's not efficient to break down things like PvP Gameplay and Art per faction and expect the Devs to scan all three sections while weeding out the extra irrelevant or duplicative posts.

The Devs are one big happy team, so we're just going to have to be one big happy Community posting all together.

Since we do have factions and some issues might be specific to those, the separate Gameplay sub-forums do make a certain amount of sense.
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