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When I was involved with a "White Wolf" table-top rpg group, the first and up most important rule that existed was, "There are no rules for role-playing."
Whoever told you that was an idiot.

All table-top rpg rules books have a line that says, "Break the rules and use your creative expression." Its encouraged. bad rules texts. It's a disastrous principle that held the hobby back for a decade; fortunately, modern designers are doing away with this nonsense.

Now the point of my intervening in this discussion is this: what a lot of you who "RP" seem to want is not very much like tabletop RP at all. Not that I mind; your fun is your fun and all. But I doubt you could get too much from tabletop gaming principles, and even I, as someone who greatly enjoys tabletop, do not want to see the common areas of STO monopolised with people doing things that potentially interfere with my fun in playing this, STO, game.

Second, "Star Trek" is science-fiction. Although there are real life concepts, the majority of the concepts are inventive.
Science fiction is supposed to based on at least PLAUSIBLE ideas. It's a free-for-all fantasy thing. Original trek had a bunch of bona fide science fiction authors writing its episodes, so it did rise to the level of being real SF. The later series, not so much. Not inteersted in getting into a discussion of their merits though, my only point is, SF cannot be cited as an excuse for "anything goes".