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Originally Posted by takeshi6 View Post
A very interesting entry there, Marcus.

And wow, a weapon that destabilizes a star's gravity... that would be POTENT.

I'm still trying to hash out potential details for any entry I would make. I definitely know what the Technology I'd be protecting would be, though...
Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it In Andromeda, they're called Nova bombs, and are pretty much the Highguard's Nuclear Deterrent to force the unruly to seeing things their way... I always envisaged Andromeda simply being in the distant future of the Trekverse, so decided to show the research which potentially led to the development of the Nova bombs (Gustav's explanation was lifted from the wiki, and just tweaked to read as dialogue, as I couldn't've re-written it to say the same thing differently...)

I hope you'll be able to work out some concepts so you'll be able to put in an entry