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Don't know whether this is the right board or not, but here goes.

I tried to purchase Zen today (5th April 2013), via the Zong Mobile Payment, and it comes up with a message saying there is a payment error and that the price isn't available. It is like this for every price, which is extremely annoying.

I AM NOT using another provider (Boku and AllPass), because the rates are not what I need. Zong has the best offer, and it corresponds with the amount of money I have (?40), and the amount of ZEN I need (5000).

As you probably guessed, I live in Britain.

My wi-fi and internet connection is all fine.

I cannot use a debit/credit card because the money is on my phone already, and I can't transfer it back onto my debit, and my card doesn't have enough money on to pay for the ZEN.

I checked and double-checked my number. It is definitely correct.

A little bit long winded, but there. Please reply, and shed some light on the issue.