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04-05-2013, 11:14 AM
Originally Posted by general1devon View Post
I think KDF Cruisers need another console too
I could actually get behind this idea with some KDF Cruiser-type ships, esp. since as things stand, once you de-cloak on a KDF cruiser, you're pretty much stuck out of cloak until either you die, or you don't have any enemies in range.

Usually (most often) the former vs. the latter.

Unlike a Dready or Defiant, where the Latter is more often the case than the former, unless their team can't coordinate.

just sayin'...
"when you're out of Birds of Prey, you're out of ships."

Look into Vanilla PvP if you're tired of the endless pursuit of grind, utterly unbalanced selections of geardo-inspired traits, and generally unbalanced and careless 'development' made mostly to turn this game into a second job.