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04-05-2013, 10:36 AM
Originally Posted by tpalelena View Post
This is a bad idea, because a lot of players don't have the stamina or the time for a 3 hour long mission.

I did them once, and then thought:

-Too long.
-Bad rewards.

I would stop doing them if they were changed back.

I think OP should pay everybody here salary that they can quit their jobs so that they got time for these 2 hour long grindfests.
The rewards were great at the time. There were no Honor Guard, MACO, or Omega sets in existence. Purple Mk 12s? Forget it. The ships you had were not uberly charged, and redundant. Yes they took a while to complete, but if you had the patience (Which I assume most of you don't) and the stamina (I again will assume most of you do not.), You would get a Borg Piece, Which was, in it's time, worth the effort.

Taking a look now at this reputation system, it would take you far less time from the start to get the Assimilated pieces the old way rather than the current system now, which takes several days just to get the mission to unlock the ability to purchase the parts.

Now, I assume I am a lucky person, as I have completed these events numerous times, my main having about 7 complete old sets minus the console ( as you could only get one at a time on the mission "Assimilation"), The missions, if added back now, would be more than doable. Judge me all you guys would like to, but my vote is that they bring them back as side missions. Not the stuff like what the PVE encounters are, but stuff that would be done outside the realms of the now standard STF.

Side Note : If you want a more ancient STF to try out, the mission Terradome is still in the game, Gives you a time roughly to how long the old ones will take now.