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We investigated this when reviewing FAW's accuracy issues and can verify that BO definitely benefits from weapon-based Accuracy enhancements, as well as Captain-based enhancements.

I'm convinced that the complaints of low-accuracy BO shots is simply selective memory, or a form of confirmation bias. When you wind up for a bit hit, a miss hurts, and is far more memorable than any hit you've ever landed.

That said, we're considering adding a small +Acc buff in-line to all ranks of BO. We make no promises of this actually coming to pass, but it is being considered.
every log ive parsed were i use BO has at least 10% less acc then the weapon it was fired with. small acc buff plz

Originally Posted by emoejoe View Post
such a change would be unecesary and unwecomed by seasoned pvpers. bo miss rate is par according to my extensive combat log analysis
your BOing is from a bop that specializes in stuns, holds and 1 shots if i recall correctly, your sample size is not going to be that large vs non BO shots
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I just wanted to say, I've never seen a more disturbing avatar
the pvp build and help thread
gateway links(should actually work now) -->Norvo Tigan, Telis Latto Ruwon, Sochie Heim, Solana Soleus

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