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04-05-2013, 11:56 AM
I have heard how there was a story to the old stfs. I would very much like to play through the story the old ones provided, since I did not get a chance to play them back in my original 65 days at launch. The new ones should stay, since most players can go through these without rage-quitting the game because they did not bring the right skill for one of the encounters.

There are several possibilities if you still want to re-introduce but allow all players a good chance to complete:

1. Turn this into a story mission set:

This way the story is preserved, but the difficulty factor is relatively low, allowing for this chapter of the story to be told. It would be easy to place them to, since the Borg missions already have a section of their own.

2. Create three different difficulty tiers:

The tiers I would think are today's Normal and Elite difficulties, just the length would be longer and akin to Hive Onslaught sort of. Then we have the Classic difficulty, for those wanting the same experience as before. This way those new to STO can experience the story and still have a challenge, without beating their heads against a "you need to do this in a specific way" type of stf. And those who really loved the old way, or want to experience a hardcore challenge, the classic would be waiting for them.

So they might display (going to use Cure as an example) as "Traditional Cure - Normal | Traditional Cure - Elite | Traditional Cure - Classic" in the PvE events listing.