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04-05-2013, 12:17 PM
Obviously we have not seen all of the ships yet, but the Romulan science ship and the scimitar were noticeable exceptions, but I imagine they will get in there somewhere.

Now, while there was a very very limited amount of romulan ships in the shows, and i dont expect them to suddenly conjure up dozens of new ships in one update, I am surprised that the ships seem to encompass every game type in one line.

once you get to tier 5 and have access to retrofits and refits it wont be too bad, but it seems you may be required to adopt different play styles and different set ups as you go.

Perhaps something can be worked on so that different variants of the ships can be released at each rank, so perhaps the tier 2, and 3 variants could have different set ups. each could easily pass as a battleship, science or escort.

the tier 4 d'derdiex could pass as a science or a battleship, with a tier 4 mogai acting as the escort. it would at least allow people to play their desired play style all the way up?

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