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04-05-2013, 12:23 PM
I wonder if something like the T'liss class if we will have the option of using the Enterprise version instead of the TOS version. If its C-Store only I probably won't care enough to buy it for the short time I'd be in it. I wonder if it will even be available as a T5 refit/retrofit, the Connie people might flip a lid if there are T5 TOS/Ent ships running around.

Wish there was some information on if there would be Romulan ships that carry fighters. Looks like the Ha'apax has a rather large auxiliary craft.

Love to see the interiors on these.

While I am still a little sad that some Romulan designs like from SFC3 and Armada aren't available to Cryptic, I'm going to give some kudos to the ship builders, these are looking hot!