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04-05-2013, 01:28 PM
"Romulan ships tend to be large and heavy, making them somewhat slower and less maneuverable than comparable Federation and Klingon Defense Force ships. The iconic D?deridex, for example, is larger and more resilient than the Galaxy ? but considerably slower as a result"? ~ Blog #3
...and, that is why I will become a Federation allied Romulan.

Instead of trying to use the Romulan ships, I will stick to the Federation escorts. If the speed of the Federation cruisers are any indication, the Romulan ships will be floating bricks in space. I never thought there would be something slower than a Federation cruiser.

*brings Romulan Warbird close to an enemy ship*

"Set auto-destruct and abandon ship."

"...but, Captain! We haven't taken any damage!"


"We will have better luck in surviving an attack while in the escape pods."
As long as the other aspects of the faction are fine, the allied choosing option will makeup for what is lost.

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