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Originally Posted by mirrorseacat View Post
So is the first picture with the Scorpion-tail some kind of advanced Mogai then?
I'm pretty sure that's the tier 2 Dhelan ship with another ship and engine trails above it.

And since there are no stats or any real info what will be at tier 5, I'll try and keep this to background and art stuff.

First, I know its the gimic for the race, but I wish you didn't have a singularity core in the tier 1 warbird. While its up for debate as to what power core was used in the first warbirds, it wasn't a singularity drive. I know you can say they were refitted, but one has to ask why drag a 100 year old wreck out to active service and then conduct a major refit to put in a modern power core. Eh, just my pet peeve.

Aside from that, the art looks nice, and the Ha?apax is interesting, though I'll wait to see an in-game model for final comments. I still hope I can have a D?deridex at end game though.
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