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04-05-2013, 02:37 PM
Fact: most AV programs have lots of false positives

Why? because they use something called heuristics

Heuristics is a very specific kind of guessing. It's a little bit like profiling.

They scan and see a file or web traffic that has a similar name or sends data down a similar port that a program known to cause problems does.

Do heuristics-based antivirus programs catch some viruses before they're widely reported? well, that's the theory. In practice, they hardly ever do. what they ARE rather good at is mistakenly identifying something harmless as a threat.

A good antivirus program updates its definitions very frequently - every couple days or so. That kind of makes the whole heuristic threat detection more trouble than it's worth (especially since it eats up processing cycles).

So, ask yourself, which is more likely?:

1) Cryptic intentionally placed a nefarious program into their installer so they can sow chaos and tick off their customers

2) some top secret gang of super villains slipped the aforementioned program into Cryptic's installer, instead of just putting it into a pointless toolbar like everyone else does, cuz people install crap of their own accord if you ask them to

3) some crappy antivirus program uses faulty logic to block something harmless cuz heuristics are kind of a stupid way to handle security since it's prone to making mistakes.