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04-05-2013, 07:11 PM
This games devs have always had an odd idea of game balance... and I think in general there lack of a plan for balance shows. They have good ideas and bad ones, its frustrating that you can go back through 3 years of history and likely pull out the perfect version of multiple skills.

What they need to do is have a proper design goal for each ship type and captain type and move the skill into positions to support that.

They need to think of healing and damage as points on a graph. Both healing and damage need to have natural peaks and valleys, then they have to understand what they want the baseline to be for each. If a cruiser is going to have a higher average healing number then it should have a lower average damage number, however that doesn't mean it can't move the graph up to the same level of say an escort it just shouldn't be able to maintain that. (I guess they have that with overload) The real issue with and the reason pressure damage is dead is the cruiser should really have no spikes, it should however be able to keep a higher average number longer.... in other words its the pressure ships that should have 10-15s over time buffs like rapid fire. Somehow it seems Cryptic has the idea behind the buffs backwards.)

What drives great game play in any game I can think of is the peeks and valleys of healing/defense and damage. This is what gives us point counter point. Its that window of opportunity when that one class is vulnerable to ramped up attacks from the other class. Then it becomes a chess match of matching skills... holding buffs for the right time.. and in general trying to out play your opponent. The biggest problem I see with STO right now is that those dynamics have been watered down by a ton of power creep. At this point pretty much everyones defense/healing cycles are way to high. Every class can maintain a very high state at all times, meaning the only way to drop the needle on there graph is to nuke them. This instantly creates a window, the game 2 years ago you could also wait out buffs a little bit more and find ways to win with out multiple sub nukes. As it is now the needle on that healing graph just never drops enough.
On the reverse end it seems the weapons that should be more designed for the pressure sustained play style have the burst abilities and no viable over time damage skills... and the ships that should be focusing on spike in general get the most benefit from skills that are designed to supply pressure. (rapid fire is NOT a spike skill... its a damage over time skill... its a very odd situation that it has become the games most prevalent spike skill imo)

Anyway rant off... my point is FAW by design is a terrible over time damage ramp... even once its fixed. I have always hatted faw... its just such weak game play. Engage faw stop targeting people ? Really who finds that fun.
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