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04-05-2013, 08:43 PM
Originally Posted by sparhawk View Post
They should just convert it over to an PVE queue mission and be done with it since they can't fix the current system.
When players accept the Tau Dewa daily or click on the Red Alert button, they are automatically added to the queue so that they automatically enter the encounter when the mission starts.
Right now the encounter AI start sequence seems to have a player detection process that's rigged such that if it detects too few players it aborts, which it should not do while the alert flag is set and kicks everyone out rather than simply waiting for more players before beginning the sequence. It's either not detecting players in the instance or the abort timeout is far too short.
Barring the use of a queue launch, it should run for a predetermined length and disregard player numbers entirely, starting the sequence whether players are present or not, then players can join or leave at any time while the red alert flag is up. If the red alert runs every hour then an hours time should be sufficient for players to complete the alert mission as well as objectives for the daily before the mission resets itself.

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