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04-05-2013, 09:56 PM
Originally Posted by ocp001 View Post
While I totally understand the frustration with the phaser lance I'd say that constructive feedback is better recieved than voicing our frustration unfiltered.

Phaser lance, phaser lotus, and BO I think would benefit from accuracy testing.
It was a little late I admit. But the point stands. It's hard to do a proper sample testing on something with 3 min cooldown, while devs can test it very quickly. Unless something thinks I will spend 5h to do a 100 hit sample with Phaser lance to prove that there is something wrong with it. Especially its mini "aoe" part. Unless you are perfectly aligned towards target, you miss. The deal is, it is very hard to be perfectly facing your target in fast moving environment like pvp. There will never be a proper feedback for G-X from people, because 99,99% consider it trash in pvp and hence stay away from it.

Tbh I would much prefer that Phaser Lance would be a 5th weapon, something like ultra heavy phaser beam with 45 arc and higher dmg, like in the show, instead a gimmick fire and miss weapon every 3 mins.