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04-05-2013, 10:04 PM
Originally Posted by dravenleeobarr1 View Post

EDIT: Forgot to mention that Tractor Beam GREATLY helps with the ACC of BO due to the defense penalty at full stop, with the added bonus of when held stationary and the penalty, BO will generally hit for more.
Yeah I almost always try to tractor with BO3 because it seems to miss so much otherwise.

I am going to have to test this more to see if it really is less accurate then BO2 or if it is just the misses are just so much more noticeable because of the huge loss in potential damage of a BO3 miss making it seem that way.

Or it also could be even if BO3 is less accurate you just manage to time it so good that even when not tractoring you still don't miss enough for it to be a problem.