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04-05-2013, 11:24 PM
Originally Posted by seekerkorhil View Post
With regards to BO's accuracy it seems both ranks 1 and 2 are working properly but rank 3 is operating with less accuracy than it should.

My personal experience is that BO 1 misses a lot less than BO 3 all things being equal. I wonder if it is possible for just rank 3 to be slightly bugged.
Do you guys have any evidence on this? I keep hearing this being thrown over the table but I have yet to see any decent logs about this being a fact.

I havent done any massive parsing on it yet, and especially in random matches with constantly changing bonus defenses you need a very high sample rate to get some accurate numbers.

I honestly think it has been circling around in the community for so long now that people just accept it for a fact, although i have done some small testing on a static bonus defense value in a controlled environment (About 100 samples for each overload rank) the maximum difference on all ranks was a few percent at most.