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04-05-2013, 11:20 PM
Turn...? Turn!?! I don't care about TURNING!

I'm making all my Romulan toons go to the KDF side, so they will have instant (and free) access to Subspace Jump. So the moment they have the level, and if I choose to put them in a slower turning ship, I can use Subspace Jump for the same reason as my Bortas:

To make it so that turn doesn't mean ****.

Besides, when I have to turn, I've always found that Evasives in reverse is perfectly fine most of the time. If needed I will chain a Deuterium Surplus, and maybe an engine battery.

Plus these buggers are going to be cloaking. So I can set myself up for an attack however I like ahead of time.

Sure in PvP I'd be totally running it differently, but in PvE, I don't see a massive need to turn as it stands now.

My plans of flying a D'deridex haven't changed.

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