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# 151 Thoughts on UI
04-06-2013, 01:03 AM
I'm mostly pleased on the work that's been done on the UI. I know that can't be easy to change so completely and please everybody, but I wanted to offer a couple thoughts that I hope are constructive.
1) Font's would appear to still need a bit of finessing. Currently I'd characterize almost all fonts as a little too sharp. With the variable sizes being used, as they get smaller I think it becomes important to smooth the font out a little to help refine the look. Some also appear to be using an outline style (an example might be the tier number set against the reputation selection button), which just appears a little too busy.
2) I know some other people have feelings in the other direction on this, but there's something about the color green to identify friendly ships that just doesn't seem to work with a Federation LCARS inspired color scheme (works wonderfully for the Romulans though).
3) I'd argue that the TNG and VOY schemes need bolder color choices. Display buttons tended to feature bold oranges, and pinks and golds, and I don't see those color combinations.
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