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04-06-2013, 02:13 AM
Added help on columns and options in the original post.

New upgrade available. This is probably the final version.

To update:
1.- Replace the old file and then load Advanced Combat Tracker.
2.- Uncheck and check again the "Enabled" checkbox in the "Plugins" tab.

Update Release Notes:
+ Every single line in the log file is now processed and shown in the report (currently plugins simply get rid of the actions they cant or dont want to process, so they might be missing some data from the log file) unless of course it is a corrupted line.
* Note: Because of this you might find occasionally pets showing attacks (as if they were independent NPCs) in case there is no way to tell who is the owner by the log file data (so those attacks cant be merged to the owner). This is nothing to worry about as it should be something rare and it should not affect a significant amount of damage (it usually happens when a pet misses all of its attacks).

+ Attacks/heals done from pets owned by other pets will now be displayed as attacks/heals done from the real owners (and not as attacks from the pets). That is, the damage/DPS/heal will be merged into the owner of all owners. You can keep track of the pets involved in the attack in the "source" column with the following format: "first_pet>pet_owned_by_first_pet>pet_owned_by_sec ond_pet" and so on. But the damage taken will continue to be taken by the pets (it wont be merged into the owners).

+ There is a known issue when finding some attacks in the log (when you double click an attack and the "Encounter Logs" window pops up) it might display a different attack or a blank window. These are isolated cases and it doesnt affect the report data at all so I dont think I will fix it (a fix on this could also affect the parsing speed negatively).

This happens because "attack 1" couldnt be processed when parsing its log line and it was processed while parsing "attack 2" line or after parsing all the lines in the encounter. So when you double click "attack 1" it shows the "attack 2" line (if it was processed during "attack 2" parse line) or a blank window (if "attack 1" was processed after parsing all lines in the encounter).

You can search these attacks in the log by their date/time (they are found in the previous encounter "Encounter Logs" window if you got a blank window, so double click any attack from the previous encounter) and their line will be red colour.

I think the tool is working as it should so I will leave it as it is unless an issue is found.

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