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04-06-2013, 02:22 AM
When I reach a commendation rank and get to draft a new green (or blue) doff, I always look at its traits and pick one that can be "sold" in the officer exchange assignments. I have many toons and use this strategy on all of them. It works fairly well.

Karemman (honourable+teamwork) and Ferasan (aggressive+unruly) are usually pretty easy to manage since the traits needed for them are common in your faction (whichever one you play). It is pretty common to get both traits in the same doff. For Karemmans look at Andorians. For Ferasans look at Nausicaans.

Cardassians (both factions) like efficient and eidetic memory, but you will almost never get both in the same doff. For KDF it is mostly Gorn who qualify; for Fed Saurians and Benzites are good but the abilities do crop elsewhere.

Bajoran is probably the hardest because they like spiritual and NOT logical, and as a Fed most of your spiritual guys will be Vulcans who are also logival. Look for Rigelians mostly. Paradans like logical and unscrupulous but you will almost never get both in the same doff. But your Vulcans will all be logical.

Wadi like congenial and tactful and not aggressive - you often find these traits in Orions; sometimes both at once. Dosi like cunning and aggressive and not honourable, and it is rare to get both of these in the same doff but an orion who is in the tactical or security division might do it. But you will get lots of aggressive doffs in KDF so if you get an aggressive non-honourable guy you want to trade him for a Dosi.