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Originally Posted by lascaille View Post
it is possible. if you don't believe me, i can demonstrate it to you
contact me ingame (@gwyndor) / via RE teamspeak.
It's possible, just not very obvious or intuitive.

For example, on my preferred setup:

Spacebar = fire all weapons
Shift+spacebar = fire all weapons except your double beam bank

Just hold down shift when you're priming your overloads. Release shift to let them fly. Simple.

It would be nice if Cryptic exposed a way for a layperson to do this without having to resort to complex keybinds though.

Originally Posted by darkfader1988 View Post
Do you guys have any evidence on this? I keep hearing this being thrown over the table but I have yet to see any decent logs about this being a fact.
I'm pretty certain that at one point or another this was true, but the BO3 accuracy bug was stealth fixed (perhaps not even intentionally) some time ago and should behave the same as any other rank now in terms of hit rate.
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