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04-06-2013, 06:36 AM
I like this idea and personally agree. I would take it one step further though and make it so that you can choose how many of any one console slot you can place in Sci, Eng and Tac. This is the same for weapon slots. If everyone had the option to do this and increase the slots on their existing ships in a similar fashion than inevitably everybody would fly what they want, how they want, etc...

I think the game is very limiting in some ways and this is ideal imo. The above would generate more income I think with new parts and what not being added regularly. I am sure there are millions of reason people will come up with as to why this may not work, especially perhaps where immersion is concerned. However, its a game and inevitably there are thousands of space faring species who I am sure are part of Starfleet but need special conditions met on ships - hence new designs other than those simply shown on television or movies.
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