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sounds interesting, needs a rational framework as you say to stop people creating monstrocities like a galaxy saucer & neck attached to an escort hull but it could well open up some interesting ships.

selling themed modual sets in the c-store for more alien looking designs as are implied by the ''Envoy'' pylons would be a way to capitalise on this.

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I like this idea and personally agree. I would take it one step further though and make it so that you can choose how many of any one console slot you can place in Sci, Eng and Tac. This is the same for weapon slots.
yea, but make sure that they arent universal slots unless the class of ship typically has them.

renaming the ship 'classes' to ''tactical'', ''operations'' and ''auxilliary'' would help it to make sense too.
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can you say attack pattern angry forumers 3?
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Considering Ryan broke 25k in a NX, I expect he could easily pull 10k in an Escape Pod with a Hand Phaser.

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